The Importance of children’s dentistry

It’s easy to think that dental treatments are only required as we get older. While we do see a higher risk of tooth decay and the need for dental treatment as we progress in age it would be very dangerous to assume that children need no attention at all when it comes to their teeth and general oral health.


let’s take a look at what you can do and what our team at Royal Leamington Spa dental can do to help you to make sure that your child has the best chance of a healthy mouth.

When is the right time to start?

If your child is starting to develop teeth then now is the right time to introduce them to the idea of cleaning your mouth and teeth. Allowing them to get used to cleaning their mouth regularly even if it’s not being done by themselves will get them well on the way developing good oral hygiene habits. Encourage them to try brushing on their own even if still under supervision. When you feel that they are ready, perhaps between the ages of 3 and 6, it would probably be a good time to add into the routine a child-specific toothpaste. One that includes fluoride would be best. Children learn from example, so it’s vital that they can see that you are following a good oral health routine including brushing your teeth and flossing at least twice a day.

When’s the right time to start taking a child to the dentist?

It can be hard to know when to start looking for children’s dentistry in Leamington Spa. Here at  Leamington Spa Dental Practice, we are family orientated, we love to welcome patients of all ages with NHS and private treatment available for children that are starting to get their teeth through. While this may seem daunting for a parent or even scary for a child we can arrange it so that your appointment and your child’s appointment are at the same time. When they see that you are comfortable sitting in the chair they will be reassured that there’s nothing to be scared of at all.

Help your child choose the right food

All involved in children’s dentistry in Leamington Spa know that growing children get hungry, they are likely to want a snack but did you know that many so-called healthy foods and snacks are full of sugar. So choosing the right snacks that promote good oral health is important for your child.

Foods to avoid might be; dried fruit as this contains a lot of sugar. Energy bars or protein bars again contain a lot of sugar and can stick to the teeth leading to higher chances of decay. Sports drinks though promoted as a healthy option are often chock full of sugar and calories.

Fresh fruit and nuts are a great option for your children teeth. Unsalted or low salted nuts such as almonds and cashews are great also. If your child is particularly hungry then perhaps a bowl of low sugar cereal and milk as a more filling choice.

In conclusion, your child’s teeth oral care is an important responsibility and we at Royal Leamington Spa dental are well equipped to advise you exactly what options are available for you. Should you need a children’s dentistry in Leamington Spa then you can count on us to help.

Let your child’s smile shine through children’s dentistry in Leamington Spa

Committed to the community

At Leamington Spa Dental Practice, we recognise the challenges and pressures that many of our patients have been under for the past few months. Whilst the world may be changing, our commitment to our patients has remained strong and true.


Parents of young children especially may have struggled to manage their child’s oral health routines as easily under these challenging circumstances. The children’s dentistry Leamington Spa that we provide here at Leamington Spa Dental Practice is second to none, and we have taken all the necessary precautions to ensure that treatments can be carried out in such a way that the patient feels comfortable and relaxed throughout.

Any parents who feel their child’s oral health could do with a professional eye, should contact us here at Leamington Spa Dental Practice and arrange an appointment with our children’s dentistry specialists.

Why choose Leamington Spa Dental Practice?

At Leamington Spa Dental Practice there has been a dental practice at our location for over 150 years. As you can imagine our site has seen a lot of families throughout that time, and we pride ourselves on being a provider of children’s dentistry Leamington Spa as well as a pillar in the local community.

Our practice provides both NHS backed and private dental treatments to children. For children of an early age, it is recommended that you visit our practice when their teeth first begin to show. Visiting our practice at such a young age can be a great way of educating and informing your child about the value of good oral health early in their development.

This can help the child view dental appointments as a positive experience, and improve their chances of living their entire lives with a full set of healthy teeth.

What does children’s dentistry Leamington Spa cover?

Regular dental appointments with our younger years dentistry experts at Leamington Spa Dental Practice can also be a great way of preventing tooth decay. Decay is a common problem, especially in children who often have a sweet tooth.

Preventing this from happening comes from educating the child at an early stage about good oral habits at home, as well as having regular dental check-ups with our younger years dentistry experts. This also prevents the need for any more invasive treatments being carried out.

We can arrange special appointments for young children to allow them to be treated at the same time as their parents or guardian. Doing so often gives the child the comfort and confidence to be unafraid, as they can see their parent or guardian next to them, also undergoing treatment.

Extensive treatments

If you child should need more extensive dental work – such as an extraction – then we will always do all we can to make the experience as comfortable and relaxing for them as possible. We understand that a lot of children are not typically ‘excited’ about a trip to the dentist, but here at Leamington Spa Dental Practice we do all we can to change that, and make the experience both informative and comfortable.

Are you searching for children’s dentistry in Leamington Spa?

If the answer is yes, then our Leamington Spa dental practice could be the perfect dental clinic for all of your family’s dental care needs. Located within the heart of Leamington Spa, our team of highly professional and fully qualified dental specialists all possess the same shared passion and enthusiasm for the dentistry they provide within the walls of our modern and accommodating dental practice.

Why should children’s dentistry Leamington Spa always be a priority?


At our dental clinic we always prioritise our patients’ oral health needs, children’s dentistry Leamington Spa is therefore no exception. Our professional and friendly team not only ensure our patients’ smiles are as healthy they can possibly be, however they also strive to be a friendly group of faces your children can look forward to seeing every six months. We understand that every parent wishes for their children to be as healthy as possible, whilst avoiding creating negative experiences at the dentist which can unfortunately be carried into adulthood for many individuals.

Creating positive dental routines from a young age

In addition to creating a positive image surrounding children’s dentistry Leamington Spa from a young age, reinforcing positive habits, such as brushing regularly within the comfort of their own home, can also ensure a healthy smile is maintained all the way through to adulthood for many of our younger patients. Several procedures practised within the walls of our clinic such as teaching children the importance of keeping their smile healthy and showing younger patients how to brush correctly for their unique dental case, can last a lifetime.

Why choose our dental clinic to cater for your family’s dental care needs?

At Leamington Spa Dental Practice we understand how difficult it can be to stay on top of your children’s oral health. Unfortunately for many of our patients a combination of a hectic work and social life can sometimes get in the way of keeping their dental care up to date, which is why our team is always on hand to make the entire process as simple as possible for our patients. We understand how tricky the modern world of dentistry can be, which is why many parents may find it tough to find the right dental practice to accommodate for every member of the family’s dental needs, which is where we step in.

A dental clinic you can trust. But don’t just take our word for it

Patient reviews are becoming increasingly important, and therefore valued within the modern field of dental care. If you are an individual who priorities previous patient reviews before seeking treatment at our modern dental clinic, then we suggest you take a look at our impressive past patient reviews now.

What are our patients saying about our treatments?

Just one of our many positive patient reviews describes our services as both professional, and caring. In addition, our patients state that our experienced and friendly body of dental healthcare professionals make the entire dental experience far more pleasant, something which they will always strive to do.

The benefits of children’s dentistry Leamington Spa

There are so many ways that children’s dentistry Leamington Spa can have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of your child. We work on ensuring that oral health care is practised correctly and becomes a natural habit for young children as they grow into adults.


We understand that there are positive impacts on presenting a young child to a dentist beyond the health of their teeth as well. Many people find that they have a fear of the dentist and when it boils down to it, it can stem from experiences or lack thereof during childhood.

Should a parent speak negatively about an experience in the presence of a child, this can also have damaging impacts on how a child feels about their experience, so be mindful of this. Given the opportunity to speak to, connect with and encourage their younger patients, dentists relish in the opportunity to guide young minds and inspire new generations on caring for their teeth and gums correctly, for many years of strong, natural teeth.

Children’s dentistry Leamington Spa works mainly on preventive options, using education to allow children to understand the importance of brushing their teeth and giving parents the tools to ensure that children are given the best possible start.

At around the age of 7, checking the alignment of the jaw and positioning of the teeth can occur and this gives everyone an indication on whether alignment treatment is necessary moving forward. The sooner this occurs, the faster the treatment can be completed.

At what age should I take my child to the dentist?

We suggest that once the first tooth erupts, which is generally at 6 months of age, you can bring in your baby for their first dental check-up. At this age, we are only getting to know your child, answer any questions you may have, quickly check inside the baby’s mouth and allow them to get used to the feeling of this, as well as the sights, smells and sounds that are typical in a dental practice.

This can aid in alleviating fears growing up, especially if these check-ups remain routine throughout the child’s developmental years, allowing for a positive habit to be formed which they are more likely to carry on into adulthood, probably resulting in a statistically healthier smile.

Children’s dentistry Leamington Spa gives power to both parent and child in a way that is inspiring and rewarding. We hope that both you and your child can see the reason behind caring for your teeth whilst allowing you to do so more easily.

With specific preventive treatments, such as fissure sealants available, we can reduce cavities in young teeth which, if left to develop, can have a devastating impact on the health of their teeth in years to come.

A fissure sealant is a material that we apply to the tops of molar teeth which have deep grooves in them, proven to be difficult to clean adequately. The grooves are filled in, creating a smooth, easy to brush surface, repelling debris and bacteria, keeping teeth and gums cleaner.

Children’s dentistry consists of more than just a check-up

It is important to take your child to the dentist as soon as they get their first baby tooth coming through, which is generally before or around their first birthday. Having regular check-ups at our practice will ensure that your child has the head start they need in life when it comes to oral hygiene.Children’s Dentistry in Leamington Spa

Children’s dentistry in Leamington Spa can consist of biannual examinations as well as other treatments such as fillings and braces for the older children whose adult teeth have started coming through crooked. The only foolproof way to find out exactly what treatment your child will need is to book an appointment at our practice so one of our highly trained dental professionals can examine the condition of their teeth and assess what treatments they will need to help maintain a healthy smile.

Make sure you are brushing your child’s teeth properly

Children’s dentistry in Leamington Spa is only able to do so much for your child. You must ensure that they have a rigorous oral hygiene routine that they follow at home, so they are less likely to suffer from tooth decay. Tooth decay and plaque build-up is common in children and teenagers and will often result in them needing a filling to resolve these problems. Brushing their teeth properly can help reduce the chances of this from happening.

When your child is young you should always supervise them when they are brushing their teeth, as you need to ensure they are not neglecting the back teeth or missing spots. They should be cleaning their teeth twice a day, the same as adults, once in the morning and once before they go to bed. This helps fight against the plaque that naturally builds up throughout the day from eating and drinking sugary or acidic foods and liquids.

It is highly recommended that you start taking your child to the dentist with you as soon as possible, as they will see you having dental treatment and learn not to be afraid or nervous about it at all. If your child sees you consciously trying to maintain good oral hygiene, it will encourage them to do the same.

Is taking your child to the dentist expensive?

In the United Kingdom we are fortunate enough to have the NHS, and this actually covers the costs of most children’s dentistry in Leamington Spa. General check-ups and examinations are covered as well as routine treatments such as fillings and braces right up until your child turns eighteen years of age. Taking your child to the dentist early is not only a good idea because the costs will be covered, but because having good oral hygiene and strong and healthy teeth will make them less likely to need extensive dental treatment later in life.

However, if you wish for your child to be seen sooner than the NHS waiting list permits, you can have them seen privately at our practice, Leamington Spa Dental Practice. We are always happy to welcome new patients of any age, and our dental professionals will try their hardest to give your child the treatment they need. Going private will cost more, but can you really put a price on your child’s smile?

Give your children a good start

What happens to your children’s teeth can influence their oral health throughout their lives, which is why at Leamington Spa Dental Practice, we see children’s dentistry as vitally important.

Childrens Dentistry in Leamington SpaIn Leamington Spa, children’s dentistry is all about education, developing good habits and preventing decay. If these are taken care of well, your children can go off to their adult lives with a set of beautiful looking, healthy teeth and dental habits that are ingrained enough to enable them to keep them up even when they move towns time and again. Working with us as a team will enable you to give your children their best shot at keeping their own teeth for life.


It can take quite a while for kids to get skilled at brushing their teeth, and to develop the discipline to stand at the sink for 2 minutes twice a day. We can help teach them with lessons from the hygienist and also by you bringing them along to your own or older siblings check-ups so that they get used to the dentist and see the clinic as a positive environment. All of our dentists have lots of experience in working with children and putting them at ease.


Decay is quite a problem for kids. They are still acquiring toothbrushing skills and they are far more likely to be consuming sugary snacks and drinks. Keeping plaque at bay can be a problem. Some parents mistakenly believe that decay in baby teeth doesn’t matter because they are going to come out anyway, but decay can move from these teeth to the adult teeth waiting to come through behind them.

We offer 2 ways to protect your children’s teeth from the acids that cause decay. Fluoride treatment hardens tooth enamel to make it harder to erode. Fissure sealants, which are painted onto the chewing surfaces and crevices of the back teeth, act as a barrier against plaque in places that are hard for young brushers to clean.


If you and the team here at Leamington Spa Dental Practice work together as a team, we can make sure your children have a bright dental future ahead of them.

What kind of dental patient do you want your kids to be?

Children absorb information like sponges, taking in absolutely everything that goes on around them and storing it away for later reference, using it to create the beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours that will shape them for the rest of their lives.

That’s why being a parent is such a huge responsibility. It also why children’s dentistry has improved hugely over the last few decades. At Leamington Spa Dental Practice in Leamington Spa, children’s dentistry is shaping the dental patients of tomorrow, and we want all our young patients to grown into adults with great teeth who have no problem in visiting the dentist.

Children's Dentistry in Leamington SpaThere’s even a good chance they will stay with us as their dental practice. There has been a practice on this site in Leamington Spa for 150 years and we already have families of several generations as our patients.

Getting your child ready

So that you can habituate your child to seeing the dentist, we recommend that you bring them in for an appointment as soon as their first teeth appear. In fact, you can bring your kids along to your own appointments when they are still babies. They can see that you are calm and relaxed when our friendly dentists treat you and this will go in, making it much less challenging the first time they get in the chair and have some big adult poke around inside their mouth.

It’s good to get your child into the habit of having a check-up every 6 months. Also, there are still high rates of tooth decay in the UK’s children, so it’s important that your children’s teeth are regularly checked.

Your children also need to see the hygienist a couple of times a year for a scale and polish to prevent plaque turning into tartar and damaging their teeth.

Another reason to make sure we see your child regularly from a young age is so that we can keep an eye on the development of their teeth and jaws. Early detection of misalignments of the teeth and bite means we and prepare for the right braces treatment at the right age.