Understanding the role of routine dentistry Leamington Spa

Many people experience the same common dental issues, such as needing a filling, root canal, extraction or just a routine check-up where they can have their teeth and gums examined and their progress within their oral health and hygiene can be recorded and monitored. We are quite certain that you will be someone who falls within this category, as we all need to ensure we take care of our most basic oral health needs from time to time.

Leamington Spa Dental Practice offers our patients the chance to access routine dentistry Leamington Spa in a convenient and easy way, allowing them to book appointments that can easily slot into their busy lives. We also provide a comfortable and safe environment for all our patients to receive treatment and services from our fully trained and professional staff.

Our aim is to provide a standard of service that all our patients are more than happy with, as we want them to feel they have found the dental practice that they will stay with for the rest of their lives.

The value of your dental check-ups

We recommend that our patients visit the dental practice every six months for a dental check-up; this may be more frequent in some cases. The dental check-ups provide an opportunity for valuable information to be collected about your teeth and gum as well as the standard of oral hygiene you have at the time, the check-up can be seen as one of the tools and concepts that are at the core of routine dentistry Leamington Spa.

As a patient you should feel that you are at the heart of any treatment regime around your oral health and hygiene needs, as when patients feel this, they tend to be more cooperative and respond better to any kind of medical treatment they receive.

The most effective way for you, as a patient, to feel empowered when it comes to their oral health needs, and any treatment is via verbal communication. You should feel you can start a conversation with any dental professional involved in your care, by asking questions and receiving answers you will gain a greater understanding of any treatment being recommended to you.

No dental professional is going to disapprove of their patients’ asking questions as they want to know that their patients feel they are receiving the treatment, advice, and services that are correct for their needs.

Another important role of the dental check-up is the monitoring for the development of dental issues that may require treatment, such as fillings, extractions, or root canals. By catching issues in the early stages of development the hope is that the need for invasive dental treatment can be held off or avoided completely.

Your dental check-up really has a key part to play in your oral health and hygiene, as it forms the basis from which a dentist can provide routine dentistry Leamington Spa. We encourage you not to ignore the need for you to have regular dental check-ups, as they will allow you to maintain and enjoy high-quality oral health and hygiene.

Dr Samantha Kutty & Associates are pleased to welcome all new and existing patients to the Leamington Spa Dental Practice.

Transform your smile with the help of white fillings

As a patient you are not alone if you have been told you have a cavity by your local dentist. It’s quite common and the good news is that it is easily treatable. In fact, it’s been said that almost 9 out of 10 patients will have a cavity in their lifetime.


Thanks to modern technology and aesthetically pleasing solutions, white fillings Leamington Spa can offer the perfect solution and we are proud to offer them here at Leamington Spa Dental Practice.

If you’re looking for a subtle solution in the form of cavity repair, white fillings Leamington Spa are ideal. Now you can enjoy natural-looking results thanks to the composite resin used to create the filling for patients.

These resin fillings are also a lot safer than traditional silver amalgam which has been used for fillings over the past few years.

Visit our local dental practice for a modern alternative to traditional fillings

Here at our practice, we use state-of-the-art technology and the latest techniques in order to deliver modern solutions to dental issues experienced by our patients. We are dedicated to helping patients achieve a healthy smile and this can be achieved through the use of white fillings Leamington Spa.

One of the reasons we are so passionate about white fillings is that they appear natural and can easily blend in, making them barely visible. Contrary to traditional silver amalgam or gold fillings that were used in the past, white fillings offer a discreet alternative solution. We are also able to colour-match the filling to the shade of your natural tooth for a flawless finish.

Another advantage of having white fillings made from this durable resin is that it has no effect on your natural teeth over extended periods of wear. Some patients may experience the shade of their teeth being affected by the silver amalgam fillings, leaving them tinted due to the contact of the amalgam with their tooth enamel.

Enjoy no interference to your tooth structure with white fillings

One of the leading benefits of having white fillings as opposed to traditional metal fillings is that they provide little interference to the structure of your tooth. During the filling process, our dental practitioner typically removes any decaying tissue present in order to stop bacteria from spreading or worsening. Traditionally, silver fillings need to have more enamel removed than with white fillings, which can weaken the structure of your tooth. Thanks to the composite resin found in white fillings, only minimal enamel is required to be removed so you can enjoy little interference with the structure of your teeth.

Enjoy safe results with longer-lasting effects

At Leamington Spa Dental Practice, we care about the safety and wellbeing of our patients and strive to minimise risk wherever possible. We highly recommend using white fillings due to the safety and minimal risk they can offer patients during the treatment process. Traditional silver amalgam fillings consist of a metal alloy mixture which increases the risk of a bad reaction for patients with a metal allergy. While white fillings are created from a unique combination of non-toxic plastic and ceramic that together form composite resin.

If you’re looking for a low risk and durable solution in the form of a filling, white composite ones offer both an aesthetically pleasing result and will help to protect your teeth in the process.

Improve the appearance of scars with dermal fillers Leamington Spa

Did you know one of the biggest advantages of having dermal fillers is that they can improve the appearance of facial scars? Here at Leamington Spa Dental Practice, we want to help you look and feel your best. Let us boost your confidence and encourage a more youthful appearance with our range of filler treatments.

If you feel like you have tried every treatment out there, now is the time to experience the life-changing benefits of dermal fillers. Our patients can request treatment to their nose and mouth lines as well as cheeks and lower and upper lip.

You have the ability to feel confident knowing that your scars are a distant memory as dermal fillers Leamington Spa may be the best solution for you.

So, how do fillers work exactly?

Dermal fillers are essentially hyaluronic-acid-based, soft tissue fillers at their core. They are used to fill in facial lines to restore volume, resulting in a plumper exterior.

The fillers are inserted directly into the face using a tiny needle that is injected into the muscle under the skin. These injections are generally painless and offer minimal discomfort other than a minor stinging sensation. While bruising may take place following the treatment the effects are minimal and not long lasting.

Enjoy younger looking skin

As we all grow older our skin begins to lose its collagen and with that it may cause your skin to lose plumpness. Your age and even your surrounding environment are leading factors in causing wrinkles. Thankfully, dermal fillers are able to turn back the clock on the visible signs of ageing.

 If you’re looking to restore the plumpness and enjoy a more youthful looking complexion, dermal fillers Leamington Spa can help to achieve those results for you.

Anti-ageing creams require dedicated daily use, and the results are seldom visible within the first few days of use, if any results are visible at all. If you, like many patients, have exhausted all treatment possible and over-the-counter beauty products are not delivering the results you had hoped, dermal fillers may be the answer for you.

Which areas can be treated with dermal fillers?

Patients at Leamington Spa Dental Practice are able to request treatment on various areas of their face including any frown lines visible between their eyebrows, signs of crow’s feet or forehead lines. Our dermal fillers are only performed with leading industry practitioners, and we pride ourselves on the wellbeing and care of our patients.

How soon can patients see the effects of the treatment?

One of the many advantages that dermal fillers Leamington Spa offer is that the effects are instant and that there is no down time after treatment. In order to see optimum results, it may take up to 14 days, but immediately following treatment you will be able to notice the difference.

The good news is that following your treatment, the results will remain in place for between 3 to 5 months varying from patient to patient. Fine lines can disappear completely while deep lines may require a few more filler treatments for optimum effects.

How teeth whitening works

Teeth whitening Leamington Spa treatment puts the power back in your hands of how you want to present your teeth. The everyday wear and tear of life and your diet will slowly show on your teeth no matter how attentively you may brush or floss.

Peroxide-based treatment

Peroxide-based treatments use oxygen to alter the chemical structure of stain compounds on or in the teeth; this changes the way they absorb light, making them paler and less noticeable and “bleaching” them. If the enamel itself has become stained by a compound seeping into it, this is a method commonly used to resolve it.

Abrasion treatments

Abrasion treatments are advanced versions of the scale and polish with the aim of resurfacing the tooth. After removing the outermost few micrometres of the enamel, the newly revealed enamel surface is polished to a fine smooth finish.

Abrasion methods are most appropriate for tooth darkening caused by material attached to the outside of the teeth. If the enamel itself has had its colour altered, abrading its upper surface is unlikely to be effective.

Premium whitening with Enlighten

We provide teeth whitening Leamington Spa services using the Enlighten system; this allows us to have repeatable and predictable results both in the clinic and when facilitating at-home lightening. This lightening is a peroxide-based bleaching treatment and, therefore, it is not universally appropriate. Some people will benefit from patient treatments, but we have found it to be a highly effective method overall, depending on the cause of the staining.

Home systems

Home lightening is facilitated by fabricating personalised bleaching trays. This makes overnight bleaching far more convenient, as the gel is pressed against the teeth, giving less opportunity for leakage and requiring less overall gel for the same change in tooth shade. It also reduces the harm to sensitive gums that can be easily aggravated by bleaching products.

Dental whitening with white fillings

The porcelain used in veneers and crowns or the newer UV dental resins, which are a key part of white fillings and in situ-crowns, react significantly differently to oxygen bleaching than natural enamel. And any compound lightening to them would have an even more extreme response on natural enamel. So, short of replacing them, there is no effective way to alter their shade.

If your white filling or other dental prosthetics were attached some time ago, we would recommend that you use dental whitening to return the colour of your enamel to when it matched your prosthetics.

If you intend to have your enamel significantly lighter than its original or natural shade, you should inform us before having any white fillings so that a lighter resin can be used, and you can alter the rest of your teeth to match it.

Most complete solution

A set of veneers allows you to control the shade of your teeth permanently, providing new services to the most visually impactful front teeth. This is the most invasive solution for teeth whitening Leamington Spa but is occasionally required, especially with genetic conditions like denta-imperfecta, which alter the colour of the teeth, making veneering the only appropriate solution.

Taking it a step further than just general dentistry

Have you thought about reinventing and completing your smile with dental implants?

Losing baby teeth can be an exciting process, the first wobble, the tooth that barely hangs on, the final drop and afterwards the lucrative visit from the tooth fairy. What’s not to like? But what about when an adult tooth is lost, whether through accidental damage, ongoing health problems or through years of poor dental hygiene? The impact of tooth loss is often far from joyful. This is why our dental team goes the extra mile and ensures that should you so wish, your teeth can be replaced and your smile restored. Dental implants are taking general dentistry Leamington Spa to new levels.

How do implants work?

As the name suggests, implants are implanted into your jawbone. These small titanium posts are extremely sturdy and after insertion create a strong, long-lasting post for your tooth replacement option, whether it be a crown, bridge or dentures. In simple terms the dental implant acts as the root to your new tooth.

Once a consultation has taken place and the density of the jawbone assessed, if there is sufficient bone depth available, the implant process can take place within one or two appointments at the very most. This entirely depends on each individual case, as there are many variables that can affect it, such as the extent of the tooth replacement needed, the overall health of the teeth, mouth and gums, as well as the emotional wellbeing of the individual. Each case is different but every single patient is the dental team’s priority and therefore the team at Leamington Spa Dental Practice will work with you to ensure you are happy and comfortable throughout.

In some circumstances the tooth replacement option will be attached during the first appointment, however, more often than not, some healing is encouraged and therefore it will be attached permanently within the next few months after the implant is securely in place within the jawbone.

How does the implant become secure?

Although dental implant procedures are carried out on a regular basis, they are not considered general dentistry Leamington Spa, but are referred to as a minor procedure. A small incision, which can be carried out under a general anaesthetic, is made within the mouth where the implant will be placed. A small dental drill is then used to create a space within the jawbone. Once the implant is inserted within the jawbone, the natural body gets to work and the surrounding bone rejuvenates and heals around the implant, creating the security required. Whilst the above may sound a little daunting, this minor procedure is carried out by dentists around the world on a regular basis and has become one of the more popular tooth replacement procedures carried out in recent years.

Covering the costs

Whilst we understand that implants are not the cheapest tooth replacement option, in order to assist with covering the costs, a selection of payment plans or finance options are available. If you are interested in this procedure or desire general dentistry Leamington Spa we are here to help.

The importance of general dentistry

At our surgery, we know the importance of general dentistry Leamington Spa and our dentist will always aim to keep your teeth and gums in the best condition possible!

In this article, we take a look at the importance of maintaining good oral health with the help of our dental team.

Healthier mouth

When you attend to your general dentistry Leamington Spa by regularly attending check-ups and maintaining good oral hygiene at home, it inevitably results in you having a healthier mouth.

This means that you will suffer from fewer cavities, lower your chance of tooth decay, and of course, should you need any dental procedures performed, they will be minimal.

Depending on your history of gum disease, our team may also want you to attend hygienist check-ups to ensure that any lingering plaque and tartar are removed from your mouth.

Better overall health

Many dental studies and cardiology studies have found a link between having unremoved plaque on the teeth and worsening heart health.

Not only that, but by neglecting your oral health and failing to attend check-ups, you may also be increasing your chances of developing cancers, heart murmurs, inflammation-based illnesses like arthritis and other problems like fibromyalgia.

By allowing our team to take care of your general dentistry Leamington Spa, you can keep your general health in good condition and of course, reduce your chances of developing serious long-term medical problems.

Whiter teeth

There is also a cosmetic benefit of regularly attending dental check-ups and keeping your dental hygiene up at home.

And this is having whiter teeth. Our dentist knows that not everyone is naturally blessed with an ice-white smile and so, we may use your time in our surgery to clean your teeth, removing stains and helping them to look whiter and healthier.

Oral cancer screening

There has been a sharp rise in the number of patients being diagnosed with oral cancer.

This is bad as it indicates that either more patients are smoking, or fewer are being diagnosed early enough for treatment to be effective.

Oral cancer is one of the easiest cancers to detect and treat if it is caught early enough. By attending dental check-ups every 6 months, our team will check your mouth for signs of oral cancer and will refer you to a specialist if needed.

If you spot any of the following signs, such as lumps, bumps, swelling, red patches in your mouth, recurring ulcers or ulcers that are larger than a 5 pence piece, then you should call our team for an emergency check-up.

The importance of general dentistry

Once your teeth and gums are deemed healthy enough by our team and you wish to discuss further treatments, we can begin looking at cosmetic options to help get your smile looking its best.

This may involve procedures such as whitening, orthodontic work with adult braces and aligners or, if you have some missing teeth, we can also discuss the idea of you having dental implants fitted.

For more information or to join our dental surgery, call our team at Leamington Spa Dental today.

Your health is our priority

We have a long history of serving patients in this community from the first practice set up in the early twentieth century to today. Leamington Spa Dental Practice is proud to be continuing in the footsteps of our predecessors. This history of looking after our patients’ health demonstrates our commitment to providing you with the best treatment available. Modern dentistry is no longer just pulling and filling teeth, and today’s patients demand a wide range of services. As the gateway to our bodies our mouth is vitally important in maintaining a healthy body and mind.

Screening for mouth cancer

Cancer takes one in two people in the UK and we as dentists have our part to play in helping to treat you and eradicate this deadly disease. Mouth cancer screening Leamington Spa is part of our six-monthly patient review plan and is conducted from the first appointment of new patients. It is important to detect mouth cancer early because early diagnosis and treatment has a higher degree of success than later treatment.

How do you identify mouth cancer?

Our mouth cancer screening Leamington Spa starts from your first consultation. We will examine your entire face looking for signs of swelling, any skin discolourations and the symmetry of your face. Pigmentation of the skin and raised areas that reveal slight ulceration may be a sign that a problem is manifesting. Your facial bones as well as your skeleton will be examined to identify any asymmetry or masses that may be noticeable.

Your eyes, as with all people, tell us a lot and we examine your eyes to detect any cranial nerve issues. Any swelling of the eye, no matter how minor, can be a sign of a tumour and will be investigated. Your nose is also a vital part of this examination and particular attention will be taken of your sinuses. We know that as much as seventy-five per cent of cancers of the neck and head start in your throat, so we will therefore look carefully for any enlarged lymph nodes. Our examination will require us to place a gloved finger into your mouth as we check your submaxillary area. Your larynx or voice box also needs to be checked for any changes or enlargements. If you are over forty and you have a neck mass which is not painful, an examination of the interior of your mouth should identify if it is cancer or not. Examining your thyroid for any masses or nodules will include asking you to swallow while the dentist has his fingers in your mouth, this normally lifts your thyroid making it easier to examine. Changes in the colour, shape or texture of your lips especially your lower lip can happen especially if you are a smoker even if you use smokeless tobacco. An intraoral cavity examination will be done all the way to the back of your throat and tonsils, including your tongue and the floor of your mouth.

Complete oral care

Mouth cancer screening Leamington Spa is just one of the many services that we offer to our patients. Our other services include tooth replacement, teeth straightening and root canal treatment to name but a few. We also encourage preventive dentistry and motivate our adult patients to bring their children in from an early age. In addition we recommend that you allow us to do your teeth whitening so that we can identify the causes of any tooth discolouration. Some types of discolouration can be a sign of a more serious problem.

Is children’s dentistry available in Leamington Spa?

Our dental practice offers children’s dentistry Leamington Spa because we want the next generation of patients to understand the need for regular dental care. We encourage parents to bring their children in from as young as one year old. The best time to bring them is when you have your own appointment so that they can see mummy or daddy sitting in the big chair without any worry. If mum and dad are okay with it, it will make your child feel more relaxed and comfortable when it’s their turn. The earlier that children are introduced to the dental practice where they are exposed to the sights, smells and noises associated with a dental surgery, the sooner any apprehension of visiting the dentist will be removed.

Training in paediatric dentistry

Part of Dr Kutty’s paediatric training and experience was gained while in a post at King’s College London. Couple this with the fact that there has been a dental practice on this site for over one hundred and fifty years and you soon realise that we are more than capable of taking care of your children’s dental health here in Leamington Spa.

Treating the next generation

Children’s dentistry Leamington Spa is conducted by an experienced team who are committed to practising preventive dentistry. A child’s starting point is their introduction to what dentistry is really all about. Visiting us at a young age allows us to educate them in the correct way to clean their teeth and gums. We can identify any problems that may manifest themselves at a later age and we can help them to establish a proper, regular maintenance and care routine. This stage is vital and parents and dentists alike must work together to achieve the goal of our youth living with healthy teeth and gums and fewer invasive dental treatments later. Early diagnosis of jawline and teeth misalignment are crucial, as the earlier these conditions are identified the easier it is to treat them.

Technology and science play their part

Modern technology and dental science have made enormous strides in many areas, none more so than the invention of more painless techniques. There are still patients who are apprehensive about visiting the dentist and we want to remove that element of fear of the dentist. The best place to start is with children who will grow up to adulthood with fewer dental problems due to proper early dental care. As technology progresses so treatment will improve and as more and more painless procedures are introduced dental apprehension will become a thing of the past.

Keeping up to date

Our staff who carry out children’s dentistry Leamington Spa regularly attend conferences and training on new equipment and techniques, ensuring that we are always up to date. If the last decade in dental science advancement is anything to go by we expect the next decade to be even more positively dramatic. We are here to educate and advise, as well as providing contemporary dental treatment, because we all have the same goal of a generation growing up with healthy teeth and gums, and therefore leading a healthy life. There is nothing more satisfying for us than seeing your children leave our practice with a radiant, confident smile.

Children’s dentistry and how important it can be

Unfortunately a lot of people do not understand the importance of looking after your teeth as a child, and more often than not people are left with weaker, less efficient teeth in adult life. At Leamington Spa Dental Practice we believe every child should get the dental care they deserve and will do whatever we can to keep your child smiling. If you want to find out more about children’s dentistry Leamington Spa then you can contact our practice through our website or by calling us over the phone. You will be able to speak to one of our friendly team who will arrange to book a consultation or general check-up for you and answer any questions that you may have as well.


Instilling good dental hygiene habits in your child from a young age

It has been shown that children who visit their dental practice regularly are more likely to carry these good habits on into their adulthood, which is why we take children’s dentistry Leamington Spa so seriously. Many people ask us when it is the right time to bring their child in for their first dental appointment, but this can vary from child to child. We advise that you book an appointment as soon as their first teeth start to come through, or around their first birthday if no teeth have started to come through by this time. Generally speaking we advise that a child should have two general check-ups a year, but this can vary depending on their dental condition. Some children may need to have additional treatments such as fillings if their teeth show signs of damage, as the earlier a filling is attached, the more protection the tooth has going forward. If your child needs additional treatment you can rest assured that we will be as careful and as gentle as possible, making sure your child is completely comfortable throughout the entire process.

Preventing more complicated problems later in life

Sometimes seeking advice about children’s dentistry Leamington Spa can not only encourage a child to have good dental hygiene habits later in life, but can also help to prevent more serious problems from arising as an adult too. For example, things like overcrowding can become noticeable when a child’s adult teeth start to come through. Overcrowding can lead to crooked or uneven teeth as there is not enough room in the mouth for the teeth to come through properly, but there are things that can be done to rectify this situation early on. Having a tooth or couple of teeth removed means that there will be enough room in your mouth for your remaining teeth to move into the positions that they should be in. Sometimes braces will be needed as well, to align the teeth properly and move them back into their proper positions. Having braces as a child means that your teeth are more likely to respond positively to treatment and be a lot easier to move into their correct positions. It also means that – with the right aftercare – the teeth are more likely to stay in their new positions and not return to their old uneven ones. 

Anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers in Leamington Spa

As you age the skin on your face may start to sag and lose some of its youthful definition, this is due to the amounts of hyaluronic acid diminishing in its structure. Hyaluronic acid is the vital substance your skin needs to retain a youthful look, as well as repair itself.

With the changes of time your skin starts to look aged and new, unwanted, features may start to form on the face, neck, and hands. Wrinkles, frown lines, and crow’s feet around the eyes are just some of the unwanted features that may start to appear, as with age our cheeks, lips, and eyes all start to show signs of the ageing process.

However, we at Leamington Spa Dental Practice believe we can turn back the clock for you.

With anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers Leamington Spa we believe you will be able to find an alternative to the fountain of youth, one that is suitable to meet your anti-ageing demands.

What are anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers?

It is very common for people to ask what anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers  Leamington Spa are. These fillers and injections should not be confused with Botox injections, while they may appear to be used in a similar treatment style they are made from a completely different substance.

This substance is sterilised hyaluronic acid, these fillers can be injected under the skin to help the muscles relax and create a look of plumpness in the area. The hope is that this procedure will create natural-looking results that the patient will be happy with, giving them a more youthful appearance to their face.

The main reasons many patients are choosing injectable treatments over traditional cosmetic surgery are clear to see, as these treatments are quick and simple to receive, less invasive, and the recovery time is shorter. Most of the injectable treatments can be administered within ten to fifteen minutes, with a normal recovery time of less than a week.

For those perfect lips

For those who are looking to add shape and definition to their lips, these fillers may prove to provide the ideal solution, as they can make the lips appear to look plumper and fuller. This is one of the main uses for dermal fillers and many patients report being more than happy with the results.

It should be noted that the effects of these injections are not permanent, for longer-lasting results a patient can decide to have a top-up procedure, this should only be carried out after seeking the advice of a fully trained and qualified consultant.

After your procedure

After your procedure it is important to adhere to medical advice, this will allow you to gain the best results and will minimise the risk of complications. You should avoid strong sunlight and heat, avoid drinking alcohol or large amounts of coffee, and avoid the use of make-up.

You may experience some redness or swelling following your procedure, this should only last a few days but if it persists beyond a week, please seek medical advice by contacting your GP surgery. In most cases, you should start to see the positive results you are looking for within a few days.

Your next step

If you are looking for anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers Leamington Spa, please feel free to contact our practice. We would be happy to provide you with all the details you need, allowing you to make an informed choice about treatment.