How dental implants help protect overall health

Many patients underestimate the great danger tooth loss poses to the health of the patient and by extension, the overall quality of life. Even a single tooth loss can trigger a sequence of events that can lead to costly treatments. At Leamington Spa Dental Practice we strongly advise patients who have lost a tooth to book a consultation to discuss what treatment options are available to replace missing teeth.


Provided the patient meets the criteria, we suggest dental implants Leamington Spa as a preferred missing teeth replacement solution. Patients will find that with dental implants Leamington Spa, they are able to avoid most of the challenges associated with traditional artificial teeth appliances. More than this, tooth replacement implants are designed to better protect dental health as well as overall health (physical and mental). We take a look at these protective benefits and how they work.

Protective health benefits of tooth replacement implants

While other tooth replacement solutions go some way to resolving problems patients who have teeth missing encounter, dental implants Leamington Spa go further than this by offering protective benefits to health. This makes dental implants an all-round safe and effective missing teeth solution. The benefits of tooth replacement implants to oral health and overall health:

Avoid jawbone loss. The jawbone is one of the structures in the mouth that is directly impacted when teeth fall out. When a tooth is lost, the jawbone loses the stimulation provided by that tooth’s root, and overtime as other teeth are lost, the jawbone begins to shrink, risking the longevity of remaining teeth.

Avoid neighbouring teeth moving out of position. Another danger to oral health is when neighbouring teeth to the one that was lost, begin to shift into the space left open. This unwanted consequence can lead to misaligned teeth which will require treatment to correct to protect the aesthetic value of a beautiful smile.

Avoid oral infections. There are two kinds of bacteria present in the mouth: the harmless and the bad. The bad kind is responsible for tooth loss which also has an adverse effect on gum health. Usually saliva takes on the role of getting rid of bad bacteria but when there is an overload of bacteria in the mouth, oral infections occur.

Oral infections in conjunction with gum disease, brings down the mouth’s protective barriers (gums and jawbone) and the pathway for bad bacteria to enter the bloodstream is opened. These bad bacteria can then lead to a whole host of medical problems (or aggravate them if already present) such as cardiovascular disease, birth complications in pregnant women, pneumonia and a compromised immune system.

Avoid risk of malnutrition. Tooth loss can make it very challenging for patients to eat a diverse array of foods, sticking mainly to soft, easy-to-eat foods. For these patients, malnutrition becomes a concern as they may avoid eating nutrient-dense foods or lose their appetite due to eating challenges.

Avoid loss in confidence. Gaps in teeth leaves a patient embarrassed about the look of their smile. This loss in confidence directly impacts a patient’s ability to engage with others, and their professional and social lives suffer.

Have you lost a tooth? Avoid all the above risks to your health by booking a consultation with our friendly dentist at Leamington Spa Dental Practice.

Transform your smile for a better life

Why visit a dentist?


There are many reasons as to why one must consider visiting a dentist. The first and foremost is the importance of maintaining good dental hygiene. Dental hygiene plays an important role in a person’s life, as it can affect a person’s wellbeing as well as their quality of life. Furthermore, by enhancing one’s dental hygiene, one can enhance their overall appearance and thereby boost their self confidence and self-esteem. If you look after your teeth and your dental health, we at Leamington Spa can help you towards making improvements on your smile.

What are some of the most commonly seen dental problems?

There are a variety of dental problems that can have a negative impact on a person’s wellbeing and quality of life. Among some of the most common dental problems include bad breath, tooth decay, gum disease, mouth sores, tooth erosion and tooth sensitivity. Each of these require different treatments and we are happy to take you through your options during a consultation.

What are some common dental treatments?

There are different types of dental treatments available for the different dental problems that individuals might experience at some point in their life. These are bridges, crowns, root canal treatment, braces and dental implants Leamington Spa.

What are dental implants?

A dental implant is a metal fixture shaped like screw-like posts to replace missing or damaged teeth with artificial teeth. The main aim of replacing missing or damaged teeth with false teeth is to restore the function of the missing and damaged teeth. Dental implants Leamington Spa are mostly recommended when other treatment options such as dentures or bridges aren’t effective.

How is dental implant surgery performed?

Dental implant surgery is performed depending on the condition of the jawbone. There are several procedures involved in dental implant surgery. A dental implant provides solid support for new teeth, which requires the jaw bone to heal well around the implant. Thia healing process can take at least a few months.

Who might this treatment option be right for?

Dental implants Leamington Spa may be the right treatment option if you have one or more missing teeth. This treatment may be good for people who have healthy oral tissues, need to improve their speech, and are willing to commit to several months to the process. It may be helpful for a person’s jawbone who has reached its full growth or for a person who is unable or unwilling to wear dentures.

What are some different types of artificial teeth?

There are different types of artificial teeth; one is the removable type and the other is the fixed type. Removable teeth are similar to dentures. This fixture contains artificial white teeth wrapped in pink plastic gum, which is mounted on a metal frame. Then there is the fixed type, which is an artificial tooth that is permanently fixed on to the individual’s mouth. These fixtures cannot be removed for cleaning or before going to bed.

What are some things an individual can do to maintain good oral hygiene after treatment?

One step towards maintaining excellent oral hygiene is to brush teeth using an interdental brush that can slide between teeth in order to clean the nooks and crannies around the teeth as well as the metal fixtures.

Want to know more about dental implants? Your top 5 FAQs answered by Leamington Spa Dental Practice

If you have recently lost a tooth or teeth, it can feel like a knock to your confidence, particularly if the missing tooth is near the front of your mouth.


In years gone by, many people would have primary worries focusing on the aesthetic issues that accompany tooth loss, but today people may also have concerns about issues such as jawbone loss and gum recession. Not only does losing a tooth cause a gap in your smile, but it can also impact on surrounding teeth too, causing them to protrude at odd angles and putting them at a higher risk of tooth decay.

So, what can you do? Is there a way for a dental team to solve the aesthetic and functional issues that come along with tooth loss? Yes, there is!

When you come to our dental practice, regardless of whether you have lost a single tooth or an entire set, our team may suggest dental implants in Leamington Spa. Affixed to your jaw, implants offer a sturdy alternative to dentures or bridges, and can also be colour matched to blend in with your surrounding teeth. Brilliant!

Curious to learn more about dental implants in Leamington Spa? Read on for answers to the most frequently searched questions surrounding this prosthetic option.

Is the fitting painful?

We will admit it; the idea of having something fitted to your jaw does not sound comfortable.

However, when you come to us for dental implants in Leamington Spa, our team will make sure that your jaw is completely numbed before the fitting begins. Post treatment, we recommend using over-the-counter pain relief, but the discomfort should only last a few days.

Am I suitable for them?

Provided that your overall oral health is in good condition and that you have enough jawbone to support implants, then you will probably be suitable. To assess your suitability, our team will take X-rays of your jaw, to determine if it can hold implants.

I read there are different types of implants – is this true?

Yes it is, there are a number of implant options.

The most commonly used implant which resembles a small screw is known as the endosteal implant. If you are not suited for that, our team may suggest subperiosteal implants or micro-implants. If you are having implants fitted to your top jaw, but have a thin jawbone, we may recommend fitting a zygomatic implant.

How long do they last?

With correct care, oral implants can last up to 40 years!

However, you will still need to attend biannual check-ups with our team and should avoid lifestyle choices such as smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol, as they can shorten the longevity of implants.

Do they need specialist aftercare?

In the first few weeks post fitting, avoid hard or spicy foods, as these can irritate the implant site and cause the implant to move. Gargle with saltwater regularly to promote healing and switch to a soft-bristled toothbrush for brushing. And, of course, try not to smoke cigarettes or consume excessive amounts of alcohol.

Do I need dental implants?

If you have a missing tooth then you could benefit from dental implants in Leamington Spa. This is an increasingly popular option for patients who are missing some of their natural teeth. There are many reasons why you may have lost a tooth; this could have been through decay, gum disease, as a result of injury or as a result of an accident. Having missing teeth can cause general health problems which is why it is a good idea to treat this as soon as possible.


The missing teeth could cause other teeth to move and could also make the face appear sunken. This could have implications on your speech and leave your surrounding teeth more susceptible to disease and infections. We understand that a missing tooth or indeed teeth is something that can cause great pain and embarrassment and that is why we think that this treatment could be the one for you. This article will run through how this treatment works as well as the benefits that could be provided if you decide that this is the right treatment for you.

How do they work?

Dental implants in Leamington Spa work through a set of strict guidelines to ensure that the implants are fitted in the correct manner. Bridges, crowns and dentures can be implemented on top of the implant and the finish that works best for you will be discussed at your initial consultation. Implants are made up of a small titanium screw which are placed directly at the jaw bone. This yields to the bone and provides a solid support for the new tooth.

This is done under local anaesthetic and is classed as a minor procedure, making it an accessible treatment to many different patients. After the site has been given enough time to heal and the implant has been incorporated into the bone then the new tooth is built on top of the implant. This gives the new tooth the look and feel of a natural tooth and can help you complete your smile again.

What benefits are associated with this treatment?

There are many benefits that can be associated with this treatment should you decide that dental implants in Leamington Spa could be the treatment for you. By having the implants fitted you are ensuring that your smile is as healthy as can be by reducing the risk of issues such as periodontal disease and other infections. Your smile will be complete again and this can do major things for your body confidence and self image.

You could become happier with your smile again. The implants will allow you to eat, speak and smile with confidence again. Your implants can last a lifetime provided that they are cared for in the proper manner. Your dentist will advise you on the best way to look after your teeth. If you think that this treatment could be for you then you should consider having a look at our website as well as getting in touch with us, here at Leamington Spa Dental, so we can begin to help you on your journey to a healthier smile.

What are dental implants?

 Dental implants in Leamington Spa are a treatment option that you could consider if you have unfortunately lost one or more of your teeth. This treatment option allows you to have crowns, or bridges and dentures built directly onto a bracket which allows for a stable tooth replacement. This treatment is becoming increasingly popular amongst the community of patients who have lost their natural teeth. There are many reasons why a patient may have lost their teeth, this could be through decay, gum disease, injury or accident. We understand that losing your teeth can be an unpleasant business so we want to be there for you when you need us most. Dental implants are fitted directly into the bone using a small titanium screw, this allows the new teeth to be stable and prevents issues such as bone resorption. This article will run through how this treatment works, as well as outlining the benefits this procedure could give you should you choose to opt in for this treatment.


How do they work?

Dental implants in Leamington Spa can be fitted in-house here at the practice. The application of these implants requires a small minor surgical procedure. This can be done under a local anaesthetic. Many patients are pleasantly surprised to find that this treatment is less traumatic than having teeth removed. Bone grafts can be used for patients who do not have enough bone available at the site of the implant. The implants are placed into the bone and then given sufficient time to heal. Once the implant has been incorporated into the bone then specially made crowns or other forms of replicant teeth are sculpted and then placed on top of the implant. These crowns are specially tooth coloured to ensure that your smile looks as natural as possible. This gives a natural looking finish and you are left with teeth that look and act like the ones that you have lost.

What are the benefits?

Having dental implants in Leamington Spa fitted could help protect against further dental issues as well as other general health problems. Having missing teeth can cause the surrounding teeth to move and cause your smile to become crooked, which could have further implications for your health. This can be prevented if you decide on implants. Issues such as speech and the ability to eat may be improved through the use of implants. If you decide on dental implants you will be able to eat all kinds of foods again, they will also prevent issues such as a sunken appearance around the face that can occur with missing teeth. There are other benefits to this treatment, such as the self-confidence that can come with having a complete smile again. We want all of our patients to have the healthiest looking and feeling smiles possible, and we believe that implant treatment can be the procedure that provides this for many patients. If you think that this treatment could work for you, then you should have a look at our website and begin to take steps to secure your new teeth. We cannot wait to see you smile again.

What are dental implants in Leamington?

Dental implants in Leamington is a treatment that you could consider if you are missing teeth. There are many reasons as to why or how you could have lost some teeth. Losing teeth is a common occurrence and can happen through tooth decay, gum disease, injury, or accident. Here at Leamington Spa Dental, we understand that losing a tooth can be an uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing situation. This is why we want to help you start smiling again.


This treatment uses small screws that are placed exactly at the jawbone. This acts as an artificial root. The crown, fixed denture, or bridge is then placed directly onto the implant for a secure fit. This allows your new tooth to look and act very much like the one you lost. This article will run through why you may want to consider this treatment as well as the benefits it could give you should you choose to have it.

Why would I require dental implants?

Dental implants in Leamington can help you combat more than just missing teeth. A tooth that is missing could lead to further dental problems which in turn could lead to more general health problems. Without dental treatment your teeth could become crooked and not in line. This will cause the teeth to be hard to clean and could lead to more problems. This could lead to issues with speech as well as limiting your diet.

Losing a tooth can be an embarrassing situation and it may have caused you to become wary of your laugh and smile. If you decide to have this treatment then we could have you smiling and laughing again in no time. You may wish to consider this treatment if you have lost a tooth and are worried about the implications of this. You may want to opt-in for this treatment to maintain a good oral health and hygiene level as well as maintaining a strong and balanced smile.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

If you opt-in for dental implants in Leamington, then you could save yourself from issues such as a sunken appearance. This appearance occurs when bone gaps begin to resorb. A benefit of this treatment is the implant joins with the bone and prevents the issue of resorbtion. There are many other benefits of this treatment, this includes improved speech as all the teeth are in their correct position. Improved comfort and an easier time eating are also benefits that can be seen from this treatment. Your new smile has the benefit of being durable and convenient, as well as being easier to clean so you can be assured that your mouth will be able to be cared for in a more effective manner.

The main benefit of this treatment for many of our patients is the improved self-esteem that comes with being able to smile again without worrying about showing any gaps in the teeth. If you think that this treatment could be for you then you should consider having a look at our website, where you will be kept up to date with the running of our practice and be able to make moves to have this treatment when it is safe to do so.

Tooth loss doesn’t have to mean loss of confidence

Losing teeth can be very distressing. If you’ve had an accident, you can suddenly find yourself in shock and looking at decades of replacement teeth. If you’ve been watching teeth fail for some time, either through decay, wear and tear or gum disease, it can still be surprisingly upsetting when they finally go.

Dental Implants in Leamington SpaWhichever way you have lost teeth, the question now is: how are you going to replace them? Teeth need to be able to work well and look good. Eating is important and smiling with confidence is equally so.

At Leamington Spa Dental Practice in Leamington Spa, the majority of our patients’ first choice for replacement teeth is dental implants. Dental implants mimic natural teeth more closely than either dentures or fixed bridgework because they replace the whole tooth, including the root.

Having crowns with no roots means having to find alternative ways to get the stability that teeth need in order to be able to chew. Dentures rely on adhering to the gums and bridges on being fixed to remaining healthy teeth.

Neither does as good a job as dental implants, which are inserted into the jawbone where they fuse with the bone tissue. Once this fusion process has taken place, the implants are as stable as natural teeth and can last for at least 15 years. If you take good care of your implants, making sure to avoid gum disease, which can loosen them and make them fall out, then you could have them for decades. Although the porcelain crowns may need to be replaced.

You don’t have to have an implant to replace every single tooth you lose. One implant post can support up to 3 teeth on a bridge. There are even techniques to replace entire arches of teeth on just 4-6 implants.

Getting started

The step towards implants involves a thorough consultation, where we look closely at your jawbone to make sure it can support dental implants. If it has deteriorated, we can augment the bone with grafts or sinus lifts.

Want to find out more? How about an exploratory chat to see if dental implants could be right for you?

If something is missing

Losing your natural teeth can be hard. The happy things in life that were once easy and fun, such as smiling and laughing, become difficult and embarrassing. Pleasures such as eating turn into chores, and with missing teeth, chewing your favourite dish can be painful and not worth the hassle. If you have experienced tooth loss, whether that is a single tooth or several teeth, it is possible to get back the confident, unafraid grin you once possessed.

Dental Implants in Leamington SpaIt might be that your missing teeth have stolen away some of your confidence. Having this issue not only affects the appearance of your smile, but also your oral health. Gaps in your teeth can lead to further complications such as the disappearance of the surrounding tissues and your jawbone over time. If you are missing one or a few teeth, the remaining ones can try to shift into their spaces, causing problems like misalignment and crookedness.

The solution to the problem

Are you tired of having to deal with these problems or sick of seeing the mess that your missing teeth have left behind? It’s not all doom and gloom, because at Leamington Spa Dental Practice we might recommend that you consider dental implants. These are effective alternatives to treatments like dentures, which may not be the permanent solution you were looking for.

Instead, if you’re considering dental implants in Leamington Spa, then you’re on the right track to gaining new teeth that appear and feel natural. The implants are small titanium screws that are fitted into the jawbone, which heal and integrate over time. Once established, these screws can anchor new teeth like crowns, fixed dentures or bridges. That means that dental implants can redeem the loss of a single tooth or many more if required.

Filling gaps and forming smiles

Dental implants sound a lot scarier than they actually feel. But at Leamington Spa Dental Practice, we empathise with the fears that some patients may have. In most cases, local anaesthetic is used so that pain wouldn’t be a concern.

While there may be some temporary discomfort following your treatment, it’s worth it for a fulfilled future of confident and gleaming grins!

Why choose dental implants?

Whether you’ve recently had an accident that led to tooth loss or you have lost several teeth due to gum disease or old age, replacing your teeth with dental implants could be a way of refreshing your smile and restoring your oral function. Unlike traditional tooth replacement options like dentures and bridges, dental implants fuse directly into the jawbone and become an integral part of your body.

Dental Implants in Leamington SpaAt Leamington Spa Dental Practice in Leamington Spa, we believe that dental implants offer the most viable option for replacing your missing teeth. Dental implants enhance your appearance, restore your oral health, and prevent bone loss. Having missing teeth can negatively impact your self-esteem as well as lead to gum disease, infection and – even worse – further tooth loss.

Why replace missing teeth?

Besides the aesthetic effect, tooth loss can also impact your health. When you lose a tooth or more, the jawbone beneath it will start to shrink due to the lack of chewing stimulation. If not replaced, a missing tooth can contribute towards the deterioration of your jaw, significantly altering the shape of your face and causing you to look prematurely aged.

Dental implants revert this process by restoring appearance, speech, oral health and nutrition.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots surgically inserted into the jawbone of a patient. Once in place, a post (also known as abutment) is attached on top of it providing secure support for your replacement teeth such as crowns, bridges or dentures. Dental implants are made of pure titanium which is compatible with the human body. Over a period of time, titanium fuses with the jawbone, restoring its strength and function and encouraging the further growth of bone tissue.

Practical benefits of dental implants

One of the most significant advantages of dental implants is that they restore your chewing power. Once in place, dental implants look, feel and function just like your natural teeth. As a matter of fact, many patients can’t tell the difference between their natural teeth and their dental implants and this is entirely normal. Dental implants not only restore your bite and chewing power, but also help you establish a good oral hygiene routine which is really important for their maintenance and longevity.