How is your face after the winter?

Do you think you look a bit more tired and weary now that winter is coming to an end? Is your age starting to show and you’d like to do something about it?

At Leamington Spa Dental Practice in Royal Leamington Spa, we use dermal fillers to help bring tired looking faces back to life.

Dermal Fillers in Leamington SpaDermal fillers are injections of hyaluronic acid that help to fill out areas of the face that have lost their natural plumpness and are starting to look wrinkled or hollow.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural acid produced in the body. It is used to lock in moisture, so you find it in the skin, giving it that plump and dewy look. It’s also found in the joints, keeping cartilage moist and making joints easier to use.

When we use it on the face, we inject tiny amounts of dermal fillers into wrinkles and hollows. There are various different brands of fillers. At Leamington Spa Dental Practice, we use Juvaderm.

Most of our patients ask to have dermal fillers put into the lines that run between the nose and the mouth, lines around the lips and also the lines that run from the mouth down to the chin. It’s also great on the backs of the hands.

When you have the treatment, there might be a bit of bleeding, which is normal. You must also take precautions, such as avoiding extreme facial expressions, after the treatment to allow it to settle down.

You will be able to see a difference straight away after having the treatment, but it will continue to develop over the next 2 weeks, after which you will see the full effect.

We like you to come back for a follow-up appointment 2-3 weeks after your treatment so that we can make sure everything is OK, or if you need a bit more product. This is to make sure you will get the full value from your treatment.

You can expect your treatment to last for about 6-8 months, although treatments on the lips don’t last as long.

Why not book a consultation and see how dermal fillers can lift your face?

Your face, our secret

Isn’t it great that we live in a time when being able to keep the years at bay with anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers has become completely acceptable and increasingly available. The other big worry for many people was that having treatments would have to be with someone who did not really understand the complex anatomy of the face, but you don’t even have to worry about that now that treatments are available from Leamington Spa Dental Practice.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections and Dermal FillersDentists are perfectly placed to deliver facial aesthetics because we are already highly trained in the anatomy of the face, and already highly skilled and experienced in the accurate and careful delivery of local anaesthetics by needle. It’s only short step from that to delivering anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers in Leamington Spa in just the right places and just the right amounts such that you look younger and fresher, but still have full use of your facial expressions.

For the upper face

Here is where we use the anti-wrinkle injections, targeting frown lines, crow’s feet and worry lines, all around the eyes. We stop the signalling between the nerves and the muscles so that these habitually contracted muscles have to fully relax. It takes a few days for this to happen and you can watch the lines gently smooth out. Treatments last up to four months, so come for a top-up after three.

For around the mouth

Folds from the nose to the mouth, from the mouth to the chin, lines along the top lip, and flattening of the top lip can all be treated with dermal fillers. We carefully inject just the right amount of hyaluronic acid, a substance naturally produced by the body, into these areas to plump them out. The treatments generally last for 6–8 months, and the hyaluronic acid is absorbed by the body. You may well need to get your top lip done again sooner, as this area works particularly hard with speaking, smiling and eating.

Treatments are really quick, you can have them done in your lunch hour. If you would like to find how these treatments could boost your confidence, why not come in for a consultation?