Is it time to break out that smile?

Do you avoid your reflection more than you should? Embarrassment from crooked or protruding teeth really can be crippling and we are here to help with a whole host of treatment options!

Invisalign in Leamington SpaAt Leamington Spa Dental Practice we wholeheartedly recommend Invisalign as the perfect contemporary alternative to old school metal braces! But how do these work?  Are they safe?  And will you still be able to go about your daily life as normal?

Is Invisalign in Leamington Spa the best treatment for my teeth?

Over the years, through new superb dental technology, a wide selection of treatments for wayward teeth have been introduced, including lingual braces, but the most innovative orthodontic procedure is that of Invisalign in Leamington Spa.

This option consists of a plan that is mapped out totally via 3-D computer technology, which enables us to monitor and manage your treatment from start to finish. Clear, bespoke aligners are made specifically for each patient. There are a series of these made so that they can be worn two weeks at a time and then changed as the teeth gradually align.

Can I live a normal day to day existence using these?

The braces of old were very good at the job they were intended for, but certainly not discreet! With this solution, however, clear aligners are used, allowing the wearer to straighten teeth discreetly,as they are virtually invisible. Sometimes friends and family do not even notice the patient wearing them!  They can also be removed for brushing, flossing, eating and drinking, but should be worn for around 22 hours per day to reap the full benefit.

Oral health and well being

Did you know that wonky and crooked teeth not only knock a person’s confidence but can also lead to oral health problems?  With overlapping teeth, it can be very hard to adhere to good brushing and flossing regimes as trapped food can be hard to clean. This, in turn, can lead to gum disease in some cases. By using a system like Invisalign in Leamington Spa, you can get your perfect smile back, boost your self-esteem and reap positive oral health rewards, as long as you stick to a well rounded routine of brushing twice and flossing twice a day to keep plaque and bacteria at bay.

Goodbye Nosferatu…hello belle of the ball

Yes, soon you will not get enough of draping your walls in mirrors and gazing endlessly into them and all it will take will be a visit to us.  By subtly working away in a discreet fashion, these aligners are the perfect modern day solution for many, but especially those that are starting to cover their mouths more and more in social situations and at work. We will explain how best this treatment can be executed for your specific needs and in no time at all your lovely smile will be back!