How dental implants help protect overall health

Many patients underestimate the great danger tooth loss poses to the health of the patient and by extension, the overall quality of life. Even a single tooth loss can trigger a sequence of events that can lead to costly treatments. At Leamington Spa Dental Practice we strongly advise patients who have lost a tooth to book a consultation to discuss what treatment options are available to replace missing teeth.


Provided the patient meets the criteria, we suggest dental implants Leamington Spa as a preferred missing teeth replacement solution. Patients will find that with dental implants Leamington Spa, they are able to avoid most of the challenges associated with traditional artificial teeth appliances. More than this, tooth replacement implants are designed to better protect dental health as well as overall health (physical and mental). We take a look at these protective benefits and how they work.

Protective health benefits of tooth replacement implants

While other tooth replacement solutions go some way to resolving problems patients who have teeth missing encounter, dental implants Leamington Spa go further than this by offering protective benefits to health. This makes dental implants an all-round safe and effective missing teeth solution. The benefits of tooth replacement implants to oral health and overall health:

Avoid jawbone loss. The jawbone is one of the structures in the mouth that is directly impacted when teeth fall out. When a tooth is lost, the jawbone loses the stimulation provided by that tooth’s root, and overtime as other teeth are lost, the jawbone begins to shrink, risking the longevity of remaining teeth.

Avoid neighbouring teeth moving out of position. Another danger to oral health is when neighbouring teeth to the one that was lost, begin to shift into the space left open. This unwanted consequence can lead to misaligned teeth which will require treatment to correct to protect the aesthetic value of a beautiful smile.

Avoid oral infections. There are two kinds of bacteria present in the mouth: the harmless and the bad. The bad kind is responsible for tooth loss which also has an adverse effect on gum health. Usually saliva takes on the role of getting rid of bad bacteria but when there is an overload of bacteria in the mouth, oral infections occur.

Oral infections in conjunction with gum disease, brings down the mouth’s protective barriers (gums and jawbone) and the pathway for bad bacteria to enter the bloodstream is opened. These bad bacteria can then lead to a whole host of medical problems (or aggravate them if already present) such as cardiovascular disease, birth complications in pregnant women, pneumonia and a compromised immune system.

Avoid risk of malnutrition. Tooth loss can make it very challenging for patients to eat a diverse array of foods, sticking mainly to soft, easy-to-eat foods. For these patients, malnutrition becomes a concern as they may avoid eating nutrient-dense foods or lose their appetite due to eating challenges.

Avoid loss in confidence. Gaps in teeth leaves a patient embarrassed about the look of their smile. This loss in confidence directly impacts a patient’s ability to engage with others, and their professional and social lives suffer.

Have you lost a tooth? Avoid all the above risks to your health by booking a consultation with our friendly dentist at Leamington Spa Dental Practice.