Thought about white fillings in Leamington Spa?

Many patients may not be aware, but fillings are actually one of the most popular dental treatments around, and have been within the field of dentistry for many years since the 1500s! Fillings are a form of restorative dentistry, however we believe it is always best to focus on preventing cavities, before they occur.


Patients who may be eligible for white fillings in Leamington Spa

If you are experiencing dental pain, or can see obvious signs of decay within your mouth, then fillings may be recommended by our dental team. Despite common misconception, pain or sensitivity is not necessary to diagnose a cavity, which can still occur without obvious dental symptoms. In terms of the causes of cavities, patients who are consuming highly sugary food and drink may be more prone to developing damage, as well as individuals who do not brush to a high enough standard.

Did you know?

Most patients will receive at least one filling in their lifetime, despite employing a dental hygiene routine at home. Unfortunately cavities can still develop, this may be due to diet, or general damage to the teeth. Despite our constant promotion of preventive and educational dentistry, they are unfortunately sometimes inevitable, which is why we strive to make fillings as aesthetically pleasing, and as durable possible!

How do white fillings in Leamington Spa compare to traditional metal fillings?

White fillings differ greatly in their appearance, however both options strive to fill the cavity, therefore preventing any further unnecessary damage to the tooth. Traditional amalgam fillings have been criticised for their mercury content, a problem which does not occur with white fillings at our clinic. White fillings are fairly new in comparison to traditional fillings, and were originally criticised for being less effective, however with the use of new dental materials this is no longer the case.

How do white fillings in Leamington Spa work?

Many of our new patients may have heard of white fillings, however they may be unsure of the treatment process to expect.

Before the treatment starts, our dentists will speak to you in an initial consultation (a standard procedure within dentistry), to determine the best possible course of treatment. After we have agreed that white fillings are right for your dental case, we can commence treatment. Before the fillings are adhered, our dentists may have to file down the teeth, this ensures a perfect fit for our custom made fillings.

Does it hurt?

No! Many of our patients, especially those who experience anxiety within a dental environment, may worry about any discomfort or pain during treatment, however we always administer a local anaesthetic, to ensure our patients are comfortable, and happy.

Working with you

Many patients may be concerned about obvious dental work, especially those who believe that it could hinder their social or career prospects. If you are looking for a more discreet form of restorative dentistry, then look no further. Our fillings should be referred to as ‘tooth coloured’ as they are custom made for each individual, meaning the shape and shade is perfectly matched to the surrounding natural teeth.