What are dental implants?

 Dental implants in Leamington Spa are a treatment option that you could consider if you have unfortunately lost one or more of your teeth. This treatment option allows you to have crowns, or bridges and dentures built directly onto a bracket which allows for a stable tooth replacement. This treatment is becoming increasingly popular amongst the community of patients who have lost their natural teeth. There are many reasons why a patient may have lost their teeth, this could be through decay, gum disease, injury or accident. We understand that losing your teeth can be an unpleasant business so we want to be there for you when you need us most. Dental implants are fitted directly into the bone using a small titanium screw, this allows the new teeth to be stable and prevents issues such as bone resorption. This article will run through how this treatment works, as well as outlining the benefits this procedure could give you should you choose to opt in for this treatment.


How do they work?

Dental implants in Leamington Spa can be fitted in-house here at the practice. The application of these implants requires a small minor surgical procedure. This can be done under a local anaesthetic. Many patients are pleasantly surprised to find that this treatment is less traumatic than having teeth removed. Bone grafts can be used for patients who do not have enough bone available at the site of the implant. The implants are placed into the bone and then given sufficient time to heal. Once the implant has been incorporated into the bone then specially made crowns or other forms of replicant teeth are sculpted and then placed on top of the implant. These crowns are specially tooth coloured to ensure that your smile looks as natural as possible. This gives a natural looking finish and you are left with teeth that look and act like the ones that you have lost.

What are the benefits?

Having dental implants in Leamington Spa fitted could help protect against further dental issues as well as other general health problems. Having missing teeth can cause the surrounding teeth to move and cause your smile to become crooked, which could have further implications for your health. This can be prevented if you decide on implants. Issues such as speech and the ability to eat may be improved through the use of implants. If you decide on dental implants you will be able to eat all kinds of foods again, they will also prevent issues such as a sunken appearance around the face that can occur with missing teeth. There are other benefits to this treatment, such as the self-confidence that can come with having a complete smile again. We want all of our patients to have the healthiest looking and feeling smiles possible, and we believe that implant treatment can be the procedure that provides this for many patients. If you think that this treatment could work for you, then you should have a look at our website and begin to take steps to secure your new teeth. We cannot wait to see you smile again.