Your health is our priority

We have a long history of serving patients in this community from the first practice set up in the early twentieth century to today. Leamington Spa Dental Practice is proud to be continuing in the footsteps of our predecessors. This history of looking after our patients’ health demonstrates our commitment to providing you with the best treatment available. Modern dentistry is no longer just pulling and filling teeth, and today’s patients demand a wide range of services. As the gateway to our bodies our mouth is vitally important in maintaining a healthy body and mind.

Screening for mouth cancer

Cancer takes one in two people in the UK and we as dentists have our part to play in helping to treat you and eradicate this deadly disease. Mouth cancer screening Leamington Spa is part of our six-monthly patient review plan and is conducted from the first appointment of new patients. It is important to detect mouth cancer early because early diagnosis and treatment has a higher degree of success than later treatment.

How do you identify mouth cancer?

Our mouth cancer screening Leamington Spa starts from your first consultation. We will examine your entire face looking for signs of swelling, any skin discolourations and the symmetry of your face. Pigmentation of the skin and raised areas that reveal slight ulceration may be a sign that a problem is manifesting. Your facial bones as well as your skeleton will be examined to identify any asymmetry or masses that may be noticeable.

Your eyes, as with all people, tell us a lot and we examine your eyes to detect any cranial nerve issues. Any swelling of the eye, no matter how minor, can be a sign of a tumour and will be investigated. Your nose is also a vital part of this examination and particular attention will be taken of your sinuses. We know that as much as seventy-five per cent of cancers of the neck and head start in your throat, so we will therefore look carefully for any enlarged lymph nodes. Our examination will require us to place a gloved finger into your mouth as we check your submaxillary area. Your larynx or voice box also needs to be checked for any changes or enlargements. If you are over forty and you have a neck mass which is not painful, an examination of the interior of your mouth should identify if it is cancer or not. Examining your thyroid for any masses or nodules will include asking you to swallow while the dentist has his fingers in your mouth, this normally lifts your thyroid making it easier to examine. Changes in the colour, shape or texture of your lips especially your lower lip can happen especially if you are a smoker even if you use smokeless tobacco. An intraoral cavity examination will be done all the way to the back of your throat and tonsils, including your tongue and the floor of your mouth.

Complete oral care

Mouth cancer screening Leamington Spa is just one of the many services that we offer to our patients. Our other services include tooth replacement, teeth straightening and root canal treatment to name but a few. We also encourage preventive dentistry and motivate our adult patients to bring their children in from an early age. In addition we recommend that you allow us to do your teeth whitening so that we can identify the causes of any tooth discolouration. Some types of discolouration can be a sign of a more serious problem.