Take years off your appearance with anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers in Leamington Spa

Skin ageing is a natural and unavoidable process, but there are a number of factors in our busy modern lifestyles that can accelerate the natural ageing process. Wrinkles and lines are caused by the loss of elastic tissue between the skin and the muscles. Lifestyle, diet, genes, environmental conditions and personal habits, such as smoking and drinking alcohol, are other factors that contribute towards skin ageing.

At Leamington Spa Dental Practice, we want our patients to feel confident about their appearance. That’s why we offer anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers in Leamington Spa that are designed to smooth away lines, wrinkles and folds and to add volume to the lips. Both treatments are quick, safe and don’t require any surgery in order to be fulfilled.

Anti Wrinkle Injections and Dermal FillersAnti-wrinkle injections

By blocking impulses from the nerves to our tiny facial muscles, temporarily relaxing them so that they don’t move, injectable anti-wrinkle treatments soften the edges of these lines. While the untreated muscles function normally allowing facial expressions to be unaffected, the skin itself remains smooth and without folds. Anti-wrinkle injections are easy to administer and require less than 15 minutes in total. They are ideal for treating frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles and lines. The initial effects of the treatment start to be visible within 48-72 hours, but it can take up to 14 days to see the full effect of the treatment. Side effects are uncommon, though it is possible that some patients experience bruising or sensitivity.

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers are made of synthetic materials such as collagen and hyaluronic acid and are ideal for restoring lost volume and smoothing facial lines and wrinkles. Instead of temporary blocking movement muscles, dermal fillers actually fill out mouth grooves, forehead lines, frown furrows as well as lipstick lines and acne pits. They are also used for increasing volume in the lips. Only small quantities are required to help restore the fullness of your facial features, reduce wrinkles and lines and enhance facial contours. Results are instant and at the end of the treatment, your face will feel plumper and look younger and fresher.

Straighten your teeth invisibly with Invisalign in Leamington Spa

Contrary to popular belief, teeth straightening is not only an option for children and teenagers. As we age, our teeth sometimes move, even if we had teeth straightening treatment before. Regardless of the reason, teeth straightening is now more affordable than ever thanks to modern techniques and materials.

Adults who are self-conscious about metal braces, can choose from many discreet teeth straightening methods with effective results. At Leamington Spa Dental Practice in Leamington Spa, we pride ourselves on providing Invisalign, an innovative teeth straightening method to suit your unique dental needs.

Invisalign in Leamington SpaTell me more about Invisalign

Invisalign consists of a series of clear, removable, plastic aligners, which are custom-made with the aid of 3D technology. This way your dentist can predict the movement of your teeth and monitor your progress throughout the treatment. While in treatment, you will go through a series of aligners, which will need to be changed every two weeks. Treatment time varies from patients to patient, but it rarely exceeds 12 months in total.

Invisalign can fix crooked teeth and most bite problems, as long as they are not too complicated. More complex dental problems may require treatment with braces. Your dentist will help you decide whether Invisalign is a good treatment option for you. Invisalign is not suitable for young children, but teenagers can take advantage of Invisalign Teen, a special type of Invisalign that is available for teenagers who have most of their permanent teeth.

Benefits of Invisalign

Invisalign has many advantages compared to regular braces, the most important of which is invisibility. Invisalign braces are transparent, therefore, it is almost impossible for someone to tell whether you are undergoing dental treatment. Invisalign aligners are completely clear and fit perfectly over your teeth, making them the ultimate option for self-conscious adults. On the other hand, Invisalign aligners are removable, so you can continue enjoying your favourite foods and keep brushing your teeth normally. However, be careful to wear the aligners at least 22 hours per day, otherwise, you may compromise your treatment.

To learn more about Invisalign in Leamington Spa or book a consultation appointment, please contact our friendly staff today.

Why choose dental implants?

Whether you’ve recently had an accident that led to tooth loss or you have lost several teeth due to gum disease or old age, replacing your teeth with dental implants could be a way of refreshing your smile and restoring your oral function. Unlike traditional tooth replacement options like dentures and bridges, dental implants fuse directly into the jawbone and become an integral part of your body.

Dental Implants in Leamington SpaAt Leamington Spa Dental Practice in Leamington Spa, we believe that dental implants offer the most viable option for replacing your missing teeth. Dental implants enhance your appearance, restore your oral health, and prevent bone loss. Having missing teeth can negatively impact your self-esteem as well as lead to gum disease, infection and – even worse – further tooth loss.

Why replace missing teeth?

Besides the aesthetic effect, tooth loss can also impact your health. When you lose a tooth or more, the jawbone beneath it will start to shrink due to the lack of chewing stimulation. If not replaced, a missing tooth can contribute towards the deterioration of your jaw, significantly altering the shape of your face and causing you to look prematurely aged.

Dental implants revert this process by restoring appearance, speech, oral health and nutrition.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots surgically inserted into the jawbone of a patient. Once in place, a post (also known as abutment) is attached on top of it providing secure support for your replacement teeth such as crowns, bridges or dentures. Dental implants are made of pure titanium which is compatible with the human body. Over a period of time, titanium fuses with the jawbone, restoring its strength and function and encouraging the further growth of bone tissue.

Practical benefits of dental implants

One of the most significant advantages of dental implants is that they restore your chewing power. Once in place, dental implants look, feel and function just like your natural teeth. As a matter of fact, many patients can’t tell the difference between their natural teeth and their dental implants and this is entirely normal. Dental implants not only restore your bite and chewing power, but also help you establish a good oral hygiene routine which is really important for their maintenance and longevity.

Routine dentistry treatments in Leamington Spa

Routine dentistry treatments and cleanings are an important part of your hygiene and help prevent dental decay and disease. Even if you take very good care of your teeth by brushing and flossing them regularly, professional cleaning will remove mineralised plaque and tartar, keeping your teeth healthy for longer.

At Leamington Spa Dental Practice in Leamington Spa, we recommend visiting the dentist at least twice a year for regular cleanings and check-ups, since prevention is better than cure. As well as cosmetic dentistry treatments, we offer a comprehensive range of preventive treatments to patients of all ages. Regular visits to our practice for routine dentistry allows us to keep your teeth and gums healthy as well as to pick up any dental problems before they worsen and require extensive and expensive treatment.

Routine Dentistry Treatments in Leamington SpaDental check-ups

During your routine check-up, our dentists will assess the condition of your teeth, gums, mouth and neck and we will also perform a routine mouth cancer screening. By keeping on top of your oral health care, we can nip any dental problems in the bud and help you avoid painful treatments.

Dental hygiene

Apart from you regular check-ups every six months, it is also important to make regular appointments with our dental hygienist. During a routine scale and polish at our practice, your hygienist will thoroughly remove all plaque and tartar deposits as well as stains from your teeth.


If tooth decay is irreversible, we will remove the decay and clean the affected areas of your teeth thoroughly before sealing with a white filling. Most of our patients prefer white fillings for their aesthetic appeal, however we also offer amalgam fillings as an option for children receiving NHS treatment. If your tooth is heavily decayed, inlays or onlays may be placed in or on top of the tooth.

Crowns and bridges

Crowns strengthen and improve the appearance of worn or badly damaged teeth. They sit on top of the affected tooth and are usually made of metal or tooth-coloured composite. Bridges, on the other hand, are ideal for replacing one or two missing teeth in a row.

Root canal treatment

If tooth decay reaches the nerve at the centre of your tooth, then root canal treatment may well be necessary. Our dentists will remove the infection with local anaesthetic and will eventually clean the root canals before filling and sealing them.

Take care of your teeth and your look

Your teeth are a vital part of your life. They allow you to choose from the incredible range of foods in the world. They are instrumental in speaking clearly. They also form a central part of your look – your smile. With all that in mind, it’s worth looking after them so that they can continue to serve you for years to come.

All that being said, the world takes its toll on our bodies. Even if you have a good dental hygiene routine, it’s possible that one or two holes have started to appear in your teeth. Dental decay can be exacerbated by certain foods and drinks, lifestyle choices and problems with the alignment of your teeth. When you visit us at Leamington Spa Dental Practice, we will do an examination of your mouth to check whether your teeth need any attention.

White Fillings in Leamington SpaFillings in Leamington Spa – the basics

If you visit your dentist regularly, they can check for signs of cavities. Caught early enough, they may be able to be repaired without fillings.

If you do need a filling, the more you know about the process, the better prepared you will be. Fillings are one of the most basic dental treatments. They have been around for a long time.

In order to fit a filling, your dentist will drill away the area where you have decay. A filler material is then added to the appropriate spot to plug the hole and protect the tooth. This substance hardens quickly and becomes durable enough to withstand the rigours of everyday use.

Why white fillings in Leamington Spa?

You will have a choice when it comes to the filler material that is used for any fillings you need. Traditionally, a silver-coloured material, composed of mercury and other metals, are used. These are still common today and usually available on the NHS. They are called amalgam fillings. They are hard wearing but visible in the mouth. Some patients do not like these fillings being obvious when you open your mouth.

White fillings are also available. They are designed to blend in with your teeth and so they are actually more tooth-coloured. It used to be that white fillings were not quite as durable as amalgam fillings but there are materials available now that give comparable longevity.  Many patients now choose white fillings as a more aesthetically pleasing solution.

Brighten your smile quickly and easily

The quickest and easiest way to give your smile a boost is by removing stubborn stains with teeth whitening. This is probably why teeth whitening is the most popular of all cosmetic dentistry treatments.

At Leamington Spa Dental Practice, we provide two different ways for you to give your smile that lift, which can also lift your self-esteem, and make all the difference to how you interact with the people around you.

teeth-whiteningWe also offer two different brands of teeth whitening treatments: Pola and Enlighten. Enlighten is the only brand to guarantee a B1 shade for your teeth (this is the brightest white you can achieve).

The quickest treatment option is to come into our clinic for teeth whitening in Leamington Spa. What makes this option so fast is that we do the teeth whitening for you in the dentist’s chair. You will be treated by either Dr Samantha Kutty, our principal dentist, or Dr Sanjeev Kutty or Dr Pamela Kainth, our two associate dentists. Support will come from one of our four dental nurses: Lydia Brooker, Chantelle Field, Rachael Broughor Monica Chand. These six, plus our hygienist, Amneet Sidhu, make up our friendly dental team.

With in-chair teeth whitening, we protect your gums and lips with a special barrier before applying the whitening gel to your teeth. The gel does not start bleaching your teeth until it is activated by a UV lamp. Once our dentist has turned on the lamp, all you need to do is relax for an hour. Once the treatment is complete, you will be amazed and impressed with how clean and bright your teeth look after only 60 minutes.

If you prefer, we can also offer you a kit for home whitening. For this, you need to come in for an appointment with us to be fitted with a tray that exactly matches the contours of your teeth. Once this has been custom made, you take it home and fill it with whitening gel. It will fit snugly over your teeth. You will need to wear it for a few hours every day, or overnight. This is a gentler way to whiten your teeth, and the results will start to show after a couple of weeks of regular use.

Let your beauty shine out of your smile

Put yourself in the hands of someone who knows how to get the most out of your smile and you might be surprised at what we can do. At Leamington Spa Dental Practice, we want to refine large and small aspects of your smile to give you a complete smile makeover in Leamington Spa.

smile-makeover-in-leamington-spaIt all begins with a consultation so that we can get an accurate picture of where you are and where you want to go. We will offer a number of suggestions after this and discuss them thoroughly with you. You will then be in a great position to make a well-informed choice about what you want to do next. The final decision is yours and we make sure that you feel in control every step of the way. We achieve this by offering a detailed timetable of treatments, explaining what will happen at each appointment and by letting you know about all costs up front.

Your smile makeover in Leamington Spa will feel like an integrated process where each treatment compliments or enhances the others that you choose to have, often creating a more dramatic overall effect. This is one of the benefits of planning them all at the same time.

Sneak preview

At Leamington Spa Dental Practice, we like to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in dental technology. This is because we are passionate about our work. We are always looking to make improvements to the services we offer our patients.

You can experience one of our favourite gadgets when you have a smile makeover in Leamington Spa at our clinic – a sneak preview of your smile. We gather together all the information we need from your mouth including, where necessary, x-rays and feed it into the computer. This will create a 3D image of you smile that we can then apply treatment plans to so that we can all see what will happen. For some patients, this is the motivation to start because they have been able to see just how good it will look in the end.

You have all this and more to look forward to when you treat yourself to a smile makeover with us. We look forward to helping you shine.

General Dentistry in Leamington Spa Dental Practice

What does choosing a dental practice for your general dentistry in Leamington Spa mean to you? Perhaps it is having a go-to practice for all your family dental needs or maybe it is about having a wide range of cosmetic procedures to choose from, for when you want to brighten your smile.

Whatever is important to you, we think that at Leamington Spa Dental Practice, we can meet your needs.

general-dentistry-in-leamington-spaWhat is great about Leamington Spa Dental Practice?

Our team is dedicated to putting the patient first at all times. This means that we always listen to your needs and concerns, and do our best to offer you all the information and support you need to have a comfortable time at the dentist every time.

Every dentist at Leamington Spa Dental Practice is registered with, and regulated by, the General Dental Council so you can have confidence in our skills, qualifications and accountability. We can talk to you about any aspect of our hygiene procedures and show you any equipment you want to see that might be involved in your procedures.

When you are having regular check-ups with us, we want you to get to know the practice so that, if you ever need or want anything more extensive done, there is already a relationship there for you to rely on.

If you do choose something like teeth straightening or dental implants that involve quite a few appointments, then we will go through these in detail with you before you start. You will get a full schedule of all the likely appointments you will have as well as get all the details you need to understand what will happen at those visits. We provide excellent aftercare with all our treatments so you will get details on that as well. Finally, we operate complete transparency around our fees and we will give you a full breakdown of the total cost of your treatment, where applicable, before you even begin.

We want to meet all your needs for general dentistry in Leamington Spa and we do our best to ensure that you can rely on us to recommend and provide you with the treatments you need.

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